22nd February 2024 11:58 am
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Pressy adds an extra button to any Android device

When’s the last time you had something plugged into your phone or tablet’s headphone jack? For those who don’t use their devices to enjoy music, the answer is probably “never”. And Pressy is here to make their headphone jacks useful again.

Put simply, it’s a device you plug into your headphone jack to gain a button. Its design means it sits nearly flush, and the button sticks out by less than a millimetre – so it’s just as usable as any of the other buttons on your device. Except this one is programmable. Using the Pressy app users can specify exactly what it is the Pressy will do. A single press can fire up the camera without you having to touch the screen. A long press could dial somebody. A double tap could start a flashlight.

All functions can be customised through the Pressy app, as per this animation from the Pressy Kickstarter page.


Backing the Pressy Kickstarter will cost a measly $17 (around R170). For that, you get a black Pressy of their own as well as free access to the complementary mobile app. Throw in a few more rands and you can choose a Pressy in a different colour. And unlike some other projects, this one’s already so popular that it’s exceeded its funding goal, so you can be certain that it’ll get made.

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