23rd February 2024 5:48 am
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Local is lekker: 7 iPhone games from South African developers

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What better way to start the weekend than by recognising the talent of local developers who’ve been making iOS games all these years?

That’s right, with the arrival of games in the South African iTunes App Store we thought it would only be right to showcase the talent that’s been thriving on these here sunny shores. Below are seven fun and addictive games from developers across the country – all of whom have been putting out their titles to international gamers before locals even got to see them.

Download them all, support local gaming, and even more good stuff is bound to come along.

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Fleet of One

UnknownWe originally wrote about this fantastic top-down space shooter when it launched, and now local gamers can finally enjoy the efforts of the team that put it together. Relive all those 80s and 90s space shooters on your iPhone or iPad, for far less money than you spent in 20c coins, back in the day.

R7.99 purchase

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Unknown-1From a one-man operation comes the ridiculously cute PartyTouch. The premise is simple: acquire money, and go partying. Yup, that’s it. You also get to complete certain tasks, like memorising the order for dancers at a party, and equipping things that make you more popular at party spots.

Free (until Monday 21st October)

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Unknown-2We’ve written about Snailboy numerous times, but this fantastically fun game from Thoopid has set the bar, as far as graphics go. You control Snailboy on his quest to find his missing snails, while jumping from mushrooms and leaves – and scores are awarded for collecting slimies as well as completing levels in record time.

R15.99 purchase

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Pure Fun Soccer

Unknown-3If ever there was a game title that was literally the truth, this is it. Pure Fun Soccer has you commanding a team of adorable cartoon soccer players, who face off against other teams on various pitches – from grass to snow. There are also balls that catch fire. And explosions.

R7.99 purchase

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Pocket RPG

Unknown-4This critically-acclaimed game has already been enjoyed by players around the world, and now locals can join in on the fun. It’s a role-playing game for your mobile device, including three classes: blade warriors, mages, and rangers. Level them up while you crawl through dungeons and complete quests.

R39.99 purchase

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Rhino Raid

Unknown-5If there’s one reason to buy this game, it’s that some of the sales go towards the anti-poaching fund for rhinos in South Africa. But the game itself does a good job of getting back at the criminals: you play a rhino who exacts revenge on the poachers who’ve been doing harm in game parks across the continent.

R7.99 purchase

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Unknown-6Remember those Christmas-cracker toys where you had to guide a little silver ball through a maze and into a hole? Well, Doodletop is kinda like that. Except you have to guide a spinning top through a series of obstacles, while collecting coins. And you can’t throw down your phone in frustration when you get it wrong…

Free download



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