26th February 2024 10:57 am
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Achievements on the Xbox One look amazing

Microsoft has overhauled the achievement system of the Xbox 360 for its new console. That’s been the word around the internet for a while anyway, but now, for the first time someone from Microsoft has actually shown what they look like and the results are really, really pretty.

Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s Partner Studio Manager for Xbox Studios has posted several images on Twitter that illustrate what the Xbox One’s new achievements look like in practice. This first one shows what you’ll see if you were to press and hold the Xbox button on the controller when the achievement pops:

The next pic he posted is what you’ll see when looking at all the achievements you’ve unlocked in a game. It would seem that each time you unlock one, the Xbox One takes a screenshot so you can look back on it later and see what was going on when it happened. Neat!


Here at htxt.africa, we like what we see! Enter obligatory whinge that the Xbox One won’t hit SA shores until 2014.

What do you think?

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