26th February 2024 10:46 am
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Call of Duty developers on 3-year rotation

Publisher Activision has added Sledgehammer Games to the regular Call of Duty developer line-up, bringing the total up to three.

Sledgehammer games will join existing studios Treyarch and Infinity Ward as Activision’s dedicated Call of Duty developers, according to an article that popped up on Joystiq. Treyarch is most recently behind the well-received Black Ops II, while Infinity Ward is responsible for last year’s CoD: Ghosts, which we quite enjoyed.

That means individual Call of Duty games will now take three years to make, and not two, which gives each game studio more time to make a better game while ensuring one major Call of Duty title comes out every year.

This new strategy clearly indicates Activision’s intention to keep on making Call of Duty games, and with more time to dedicate to each title, it’s likely each game will look and play better than ever with each iteration, with a minimum of bugs.

That’s the intention, anyway. Let’s hope Activision doesn’t see all that extra development time and then decide to cram in all sorts of other things that end up bloating the games and creating more problems than the extra time solves.

If you want to see what Sledgehammer Games is capable of, fire up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as that is the last CoD game they worked on.

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