23rd February 2024 6:49 am
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A new audio arrival: DJ Zinhle Rocka headphones reviewed

DJ Zinhle is not new to the South African music scene, in fact, she is one of the most popular DJs in  the country and has been dubbed “The Queen of the decks”. This talented young “She J” (a term she coined for female DJs) has teamed up with a brand new South African headphone and earphone brand called Rocka, to create the DJ Zinhle high performance headphones and earphones.

The DJ Zinhle headphones were created to combine a fresh look with quality sound to rival other headphones in the market.

First things first, the DJ Zinhle headphones come in a plastic box and inside it, all you’ll find are the headphones themselves. No manual, no extra cords and no carry bag. This was a bit strange for me as I’ve become so used to finding all these accessories accompanying a set of headphones. I would definitely suggest that Rocka look at including these accessories or at least selling them as extras to ensure that users have all they need to get the best out of their headphones and earphones.


The rubber cord is attached to both earcups and doesn’t have any control buttons on it, nor does it detach, so you’ll have to be very careful to not accidentally rip them out of the earcups.


The headphones have a very chunky (but light) plastic design and this got me a bit worried about durability because headphones are so susceptible to damage when one carries them with them, so I tried my best to be as careful as possible with them.


For comfort, the headphones are extendable and have soft leather lining on the earcups and inner top base. I find that most headphones become uncomfortable after a short while for me (perhaps I should blame my ears for that), these however, sat very comfortably for quite a while and the full cups around my ears didn’t leave my ears feeling squeezed in or pressed.

Wherever the DJ Zinhle headphones lack, the sound quality makes up for. I sat down and compared them to my Beats by Dre headphones and the quality was almost just as powerful, except for a few minor differences. The bass is punchy, quality isn’t compromised by increasing the volume and the noise cancellation is great, which gets a solid thumbs up from me as that’s one feature I definitely look for in headphones.

Rocka has four other ranges of headphones and earphones under well-known musicians Danny K, Khuli Chana, Mi Casa and DJ Tira. Head over to the Rocka website to check them all out.


I’m not a DJ so I can’t comment on the DJ Zinhle headphones’ performance in that regard, but for listening to music and other audio, I would say they’re pretty good, although there is room for improvement.

Design: 2/5

Performance: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


Price: R 349.00

Where to buy: At all Look & Listen stores countrywide

Dimensions: 3.5 mm, gold-plated stereo audio jack



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