23rd February 2024 6:35 am
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A South African first: Local movie gets locally-made game tie-in

Here’s something that’s never happened before: a locally-made movie is getting a locally-made tie-in game.

The movie in question is Khumba, an animated flick that released in October last year. It’s about a stripe-deficient zebra who has to brave the dangers of the Karoo to earn the rest of his stripes and save his herd from a drought.

It was made by Triggerfish Animation Studios, and according to Bizcommunity, the studio has teamed up with an Indie developer based in Cape Town called SIJO Studios to produce a game based on the movie.

Khumba: The Game is a “3D platform adventure” for Android and iOS that takes players through 15 levels inspired by various locations in the movie. Expect to see a lot of dusty African savannah, rocks and caves that Khumba  and co. have to make their way through in their quest to find the magical waterhole. The challenge is to collect water droplets along the way while avoiding environmental obstacles, enemies and defeating level-ending bosses.

It’s out on Android, iOS and the Samsung App Store right now, and will cost you less than R20. That’s a pretty low price to support a local project, I reckon, plus it looks like a kid-friendly game that’ll keep the young ‘uns occupied during car trip, and that’s definitely worth twenty bucks.

If you’re curious about the game and want to see it in action before buying, check out this gameplay footage taken from the beta test that ran earlier this year. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful African soundtrack and lush graphics, and am proud something so unique is of South African origin.

Nice one, SIJO!

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