23rd February 2024 5:22 am
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This site lets you make visual music using your keyboard

Patatap is new website that we wouldn’t mind spending hours on. The site lets you unleash the Mozart in you by making visual music using your keyboard.

On Patatap, you can play different keys using all the letters of the alphabet and switch between different genres of music from electro to pop using the space bar. Each key also has its own visual, which makes the experience even more fun and engaging.

Patatap was created by US designer, Jono Brandel, who worked with Japan-based music composers, Lullatone.

You can even buy Patatap albums made by Lullatone and Brandel from the site.

Go ahead and give it a go below. It’s fun, we promise.

[Source: FastCo Create. Image: Patatap]

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