27th February 2024 7:22 pm
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Online petition launched against the ANC

An online petition to vote against the ANC in the upcoming national elections has been launched by a group of former ANC supporters and stalwarts.

The group who call themselves Sidikiwe (which means “we are fed up” in isiXhosa) set up the Vukani Vote (“Wake Up Vote”) campaign, calling on South Africans to defend their hard-earned democracy and not vote for the ANC.

“This campaign is not only about disillusioned ANC stalwarts and supporters, but about those who cannot find a job, those who till the land, the women feeding their families, the workers unable to live on their salaries, the youth who seek a better life, the professionals, the activists and the taxpayers – all those who have common cause to demand a clean, accountable government that will act in the interest of the people they represent. It is those who are increasingly fed up with the corruption, the lavish lifestyles and the self-enrichment of the ruling elite at local, provincial and national level,” reads the description on Sidikiwe.

Sidikwe’s Vukani Vote campaign is not related to the No Vote campaign recently launched by struggle veteran and former ANC member and minister, Ronnie Kasrils, who has told South Africans to spoil their votes instead of voting for the ANC or the DA.

‘For those in who have served in the ANC and SACP this campaign is an act of tough love, where the ideals of the once-proud movement are being upheld over and above an unquestioning loyalty. If the ANC does not take heed, the people will!”

So far, Sidikiwe only has 3 signatures on its petition and there’s no indication of how many signatures it’s seeking or to whom the petition will be sent to once it gets enough signatures.

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