26th February 2024 10:58 am
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The secret’s out: The LG G3 leaks

Tonight LG will be unleashing its latest flagship smartphone, the LG G3, but it seems that the oft-leaked followup to last year’s flagship G2 has been outed on a few of LG’s own websites already, just hours before the official reveal. The web pages – which have since been taken down – essentially served only to confirm the rumours and leaked images of the G3 that had been circulating on the internet for the last few weeks.

The G3’s stand-out feature will no doubt be its massive 5.5 inch, 2560×1440 “quad HD” resolution display that boasts an incredible 538 pixels per inch. That’s almost twice as many as the iPhone’s famed Retina display which has but 326 pixels per inch. More impressive still is LG’s mission to rid the smartphone of almost all of the bezel surrounding the display, a trend we saw start with the G2. The G3’s bezels have shrunk down into near invisibility with almost the entire front of the phone being taken up by the display.

The camera has also received an upgrade from last year’s model with a new 13 megapixel sensor with optical image stabilisation lodged in the back of the phone. The G3 will also have a dual-tone LED flash similar to the system used in the iPhone 5s, along with laser auto focus which we’re hoping will all add up to some amazing pictures. The “selfie cam” features of the G Flex have also been incorporated and improved, and the G3’s camera can now be mounted on a ledge and activated with a gesture instead of requiring that you stretch your arm out in front of you.

The rest of the hardware is made up of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor along with 2GB of RAM and a removable 3000mAh battery with wireless charging capabilities and a 1Watt loudspeaker, all of which is contained within a beautiful brushed metallic body that’s going to be available in three colours: black, white and gold.

On the software side it looks like the G3 will be sporting a revamped user interface overlaid atop the chocolatey version of Google’s Android operating system. It also looks like a new feature called Smart Notice – LG’s take on Google Now, Google’s contextual information service that prompts you with information when you need it – will make its debut on the G3.

Other software tweaks hinted at on the now-unpublished web pages include prompts to delete apps that haven’t been used in two months, missed calls that have yet to be returned as well as location-based reminders that prompt you to switch on WiFi now that you’ve arrived at the office.

If this article sounds a bit like we’re swooning over the phone even before it has launched, that’s because of the high regard in which we hold the G3’s predecessor after it won our “Smartphone of the Year” award last year.

To say we’re looking forward to this evening’s official unveiling would be an understatement.

[Source – LG NL, LG UK, Via – Engadget]

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