27th February 2024 7:58 pm
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Kanye West is taking over people’s desktops

Controversial US rapper Kanye West has his face plastered on many tabloids, entertainment shows and websites.  And for those who are #TeamKanye, you can now see even more of his famous face all day, everyday, on your Mac desktop.

Maddy Varner, an intern at the US-based FAT Lab, has created an OS X desktop app that replaces your icons with different shots of Kanye West’s head.



getinfo-720x463This isn’t the first time iterns at FAT Lab have come up with a way to “Kanyefy” your desktop. A Kanye Vision app released by another FAT Lab intern a few years ago allowed you to see your screen through his sunglasses, which were very popular back in 2009.

We don’t know whether or not Varner will release an app for Windows, but then again, we’re probably better off without it… there’s only so much Kanye one can handle per day!

But if you have a Mac and would love to have his face pop up every time you turn your computer on, you can install the Kanyefy icons using these guidelines.

[Source – Yahoo Tech, Image – Flickr]

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