25th February 2024 10:24 am
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Atari revival sees classic games heading to mobile

Iconic games company Atari is staging a comeback. After filing for bankruptcy in 2013 and being acquired by new owners, the company is apparently down but not out.

Yesterday Atari unveiled its brand-new corporate strategy via press release, a strategy that aims to position Atari as an “interactive entertainment production company” that uses its well-known brands in new ways appropriate to the digital age.

That means things like Asteroids, Missile Command and other iconic Atari titles being re-launched for mobile in the coming months, and the wooing of brand-new audiences like the LGBT community, social casinos and real-money gambling.

They’re pretty much setting their sights on anyone and anything they believe will help carry their brands into the digital era.

Atari has already been successful with a brand-new PC game called Minimum, a third-person MOBA released in April that has been well-received on Steam’s Early Access programme thanks to its minimalistic graphics, excellent gunplay and a clever crafting mechanic. More games will follow in 2014, with a “multiplayer PC game” lined up for the end of the year as well as an Android version of the popular Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 that’s already out on iOS.

Having grown up playing Atari games and feeling my fair share of nostalgia at the thought of re-playing some of those classics on brand-new platforms, my inner gamer is very happy indeed at the news that Atari and its new owners are committed to making a proper go of things in the modern age.

[Source – Atari.com, Image – Downcastsystems.com]

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