28th February 2024 5:41 am
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Acer UK teams up with designer to create awful “Selfie Hat” for ladies

Fashion and selfies are two things most women really like. This would probably be the only reasonable explanation for the monstrosity that is this “high fashion” selfie hat created by Acer UK, together with London fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis.

The Acer Selfie Hat, which looks like a Mexican sombrero, is pink and covered in glitter, because that’s what appeals to all women, right? Attached to the front of the hat is an Acer Iconica A-1 840 tablet.

The Selfie Hat also turns 360 degrees to “enable struggling selfie takers to find their best angle”, Acer UK says on its Facebook page.


Cowan-Sanluis showcased the Selfie Hat at the London Fashion Week this past week and word is that you can only get your hands on it by special appointment with the design guru.

“Users can access any apps such as Facebook or Instagram whilst wearing the hat – being on social media never looked so glamorous,” Acer UK said.

Designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis

[Source – Yahoo Tech, Image – Acer UK Facebook]

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