28th February 2024 6:07 am
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Find ebola health information in your local home language on Wikipedia

While news coverage of the deadly ebola virus might have abated, it doesn’t mean that the illness is in decline. West African nations are still trying to cope with the huge number of infected citizen, and even though it thankfully hasn’t reached our country, South Africans are now able to read up on the virus in their native language.

Global language service provider Rubic has been kind enough to donate its translation services to Wikimedia ZA so that those who are native Xhosa, Zulu, Setswana, Sesotho, Siswati, Tsonga, Northern Sotho, Venda and Ndebele, can gain valuable health information on the sickness.

“South Africans can get advice on how to prevent and recognise the symptoms of infection on Wikipedia.org by searching ‘Ebola’ and then choosing a translation in one of the country’s local language Wikipedias from the dropdown menu,” Rubric said in a media statement.

South Africa isn’t the only country who has been given access to the translated works on Wikipedia. The whole thing is actually the initiative of Wiki Project Medicine/Translation Task Force who identified a lack of information in native languages throughout Africa – especially in the countries where the disease broke out.

“There is a massive crisis unfolding on the continent and one of the most effective ways of fighting the fear, disinformation and spread of the disease is with clear, factual knowledge – the kind you can access free, and on your mobile phone,” Isla Haddow-Flood, project manager at WikiAfrica and Wikimedia ZA board member, in the same media statement.

“We are grateful to Rubric and their team of translators who saw the urgency and took the selfless action to make these local translations happen,” she added.

Links to the various pages

  • isiXhosa xh https://xh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isifo_sentsholongwane_i-Ebola
  • isiZulu zu https://zu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isifo_segciwane_le-Ebola
  • Setswana tn https://tn.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolwetse_jwa_mogare_wa_Ebola
  • Sesotho st https://st.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boloetse_ba_kokwanahloko_ya_Ebola
  • Siswati ss https://ss.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ligciwane_lesifo_se-Ebola
  • Xitsonga ts https://ts.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xitsongwatsongwana_xa_vuvabyi_bya_Ebola
  • Tshivenda ve https://ve.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vhulwadze_ha_Vairasi_ya_Ebola
  • Northern Sotho (Sepedi) https://nso.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolwet%C5%A1i_bja_baerase_ya_Ebola
  • Ndebele https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/nr/Ubulwelwe_be-Ebola

[Image – Southern African Tourism Update Online]

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