22nd February 2024 12:14 pm
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“Adopt a startup”: A new approach to entrepreneurship in Africa

StartupBus Africa’s AMPION Venture Bus has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for its 2014 AMPION Fellowship Programs to support startups that emerge from Startup Bus Africa.

This time round, AMPION wants to a little do more than just raise money.

Over 160 participants on this year’s Venture Buses will create startups tackling African needs and priorities. “The AMPION Fellowship Program will nurture the most promising startup ideas and produce tangible results for the local economy,” says AMPION.

Through its Change through technology in Africa, AMPION is offering backers donating 99 Euros (just over R1 300) and above the opportunity to adopt and fund the various needs of one of the winning AMPION Venture Bus startups, or a single African entrepreneur, allowing startups to transition from an innovative idea into a real business.

The length of the adoption period will be determined by the amount a backer donates, so for instance, if you donate 295 Euros (just over R4 000), you will adopt a startup for three months. Backers names will in the future be mentioned on the website of the respective company.

“By increasing the interactivity between the sponsors and the sponsored, AMPION increases the transparency of its Fellowship Program and gives supporters the possibility to keep track of the impact of their donation and involves them in the whole process of capacity building provided by the Fellowship Program. Donors can witness first-hand the positive change they help to enable.”

So far Change through technology in Africa has raised 2 842 Euros of its 35 000 Euros goal, with 25 days left until funding closes. The campaign will receive all donations whether it reaches its goal or not as it is a flexible funding campaign.

You can view and support the AMPION Venture Bus crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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