26th February 2024 9:50 am
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Thousands of classic DOS games now playable in your browser

Should you fondly remember such gaming classics as Conquests of the Longbow, the original Prince of Persia and the time-bending history lessons of Carmen Sandiego, here’s a bit of good news to kick off your morning: the people at The Internet Archive have added over 2 300 MS-DOS games from the 80s and 90s to their huge library of classic software, and they’re all completely playable in your browser right now.

Interested? Click here to head on over to The Internet Archive website for a bit of 80s and 90s nostalgia. If you’re at work, perhaps wait until you get home to do it as these will likely eat up a lot of your time, especially if you’re anything like me and you’d love to re-play Sierra Online’s take on Robin Hood’s adventures in Sherwood Forest because it hasn’t yet appeared for sale on GOG.com.

Internet archivist Jason Scott, the man behind last year’s addition of over 900 arcade games to the Internet Archive, is behind this effort as well. He does caution people a bit in the section’s FAQ, saying the games will likely not behave exactly as expected due to the browser-based MS-DOS emulation, and that people should therefore expect the odd niggle.

He also notes that saving progress in games isn’t possible due to the nature of the emulation (they’re browser-only and therefore not downloadable), so the collection is more of a showcase of what games from the era were like than a practical source of old games to be played at your leisure. GOG.com, a site that specialises in selling old games, has that covered.

Still, this is pretty rad news for people whose gaming experiences were shaped by PCs, MS-DOS and really bad graphics, and I for one am really happy that someone is taking the time to preserve those older titles for future generations to enjoy.

[Source & Image – Internet Archive]

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