25th February 2024 11:00 am
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Google to donate over R3 million to Charlie Hebdo

As the world mourns the death of 11 staff working at Charlie Hebdo, Google has stepped in to lend a helping hand with a donation to help support the French satirical publication.

According to The Guardian, €250 000 (just over R3.4 million) will be handed over to Charlie Hebdo through France’s Digital Press Fund.

“We are a fund for the press. We must enable them to be able to write, even if we don’t agree, it’s a question of diversity of speech,” Ludovic Blecher, director of Google IPWA Fund for Digital Innovation told The Guardian.

“The fund is trying to figure out a way to provide a financial support to Charlie Hebdo. We’re working on a process in order to find an exceptional answer to an exceptional situation. The role of the fund is to help the press. We’re playing our role. But we are still working on the technical process.”

The remaining staff at Charlie Hebdo are reportedly planning to print 1 million copies of the next issue, 16 times more than its usual print run of 60 000.

Money from other media outlets in France will also apparently be made from a donation tax.

[Source – The Guardian via The Next Web]


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