25th February 2024 11:30 am
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The Order: 1886 trailer makes mustachioed men badass again

Mustaches have slowly earned themselves a reputation for creepiness rather than badassery over the past few years thanks to the internet’s constant ridicule of them.

But after you’ve watched the latest trailer for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886 (via PlayStation Lifestyle), I challenge you to still hold them in such low regard. To my mind there’s just no way you can watch The Order’s Sir Galahad kicking ass and taking names without finding some (grudging?) respect for the ‘stache creeping in.

You’ll also get to see some of the game’s backstory, as well as a sampling of the weapons you’ll be using to deal with the monsters that apparently infest the game’s alternate-reality version of Victorian-era London.


The few snippets shown of the game in action make it look pretty darn intriguing, with hints at near-insubordination on Sir Galahad’s part and conflict with The Order’s senior management. And then there’s the frenetic action that makes me think of Gears of War in places but with better graphics and more explosions; also, more mustaches and facial hair.

Magnum PI, eat your heart out.

I am of the opinion that Sony doesn’t back weak horses when it comes to AAA PlayStation 4 exclusives, and The Order is certainly appearing to be worthy of Sony’s faith. But then, appearances are deceiving, especially in this age of trailers designed to maximise anticipation while the actual movie/game under-delivers on its promises.

Only time will tell in this case. The Order: 1886 is out on February 20 worldwide, and I for one am really keen on it.

Incidentally, for those of you keen on buying a digital copy of the game, you’ll be in for a 29.4GB download when it comes out.

[Source – PlayStation Lifestyle]

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