25th February 2024 10:05 am
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Watch devs play The Witcher 3 on Twitch tonight

Those of you interested in The Witcher 3 will be happy to know that the developers will be live-streaming it tonight at 7pm via Twitch, as indicated via the official Witcher Twitter account a little while ago.

That means you’ll get to see the world in real-time, along with the overhauled combat engine, new enemies and many other visual and play-related touches while listening to the developers talking about how it all came together.

Should you not be interested in The Witcher 3, it might be time to go and watch a few preview videos – it’s only the biggest open-world RPG from developer CD Projekt Red yet, boasting some decidedly tasty visuals and , with any luck, combat that’s more fluid and responsive than it was in The Witcher 2.

The game is so technically demanding that it’s only out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, meaning the devs have had free reign to make it look as good as possible. Watching it on tonight’s Twitch live-stream is the best way you have to see it up close before its launch in March, and, presumably, to be convinced that it’s worth a pre-order.

Related: TW3 is 15% off if you pre-order via GOG.

So head on over to GOG.com’s Twitch page at 7pm SA time tonight to join me and millions of other interested gamers as we get another good look at The Witcher 3 in action.

[Source – Twitter]

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