22nd February 2024 12:53 pm
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Firewatch, a game in which you watch for fires… and other things

New Indie studio Campo Santo is working on a rather unique project called Firewatch.

It’s a first-person mystery game about a man called Henry who takes a summer job as a fire lookout in the wilderness of Wyoming. It’s a job he thinks will offer him the quiet and solitude needed to take a break from his rather messy life.

Naturally, that’s not what actually happens. Henry’s only connection to the outside world is his supervisor’s voice on the other end of a two-way radio, and as he goes about his daily activities of watching for fires and dealing with park visitors, he begins to get the sense that something strange is going on.

He must investigate these odd happenings as he attempts to make sense of his new surroundings, drawing the player into a story steeped in mystery and intrigue, all told from a first-person perspective.

When I first heard about the game from Charlie, who’d spotted it doing the rounds this morning, I was skeptical – how on earth could a game about watching for fires in an American national park be anything but a big snore-fest? But after checking out the game’s official website, watching the preview and a new 17-minute gameplay demo video put out by IGN, I’m actually quite interested.

Check them out, and join me in adding yet another game to the list of titles to eagerly anticipate in 2015.

Firewatch is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux at the moment, and the developers are eyeing a console release at some point in the future but they’re not sure about the details yet.

Here’s the teaser:

Here’s IGN’s 17-minute gameplay demo.

And here’s the official website. Love that parallax scrolling!


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