28th February 2024 5:52 am
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New Powers trailer explains quite a lot

A new trailer for Powers, Sony’s first PSN scripted series for the PlayStation 4, has landed and it goes into some detail about what viewers can expect.

We already knew that the series, which stars Sharlto Copley as a cop who used to be a superhero, is quite a gritty piece of work with as many F-bombs flying about as there are bullets. We also knew that it starred Eddie Izzard as a reedy-voiced long-haired crazy and that it’ll launch exclusively in the US to begin with.

What we didn’t know was exactly how visceral and gory it was going to be – and from the new trailer it looks as though Sony is taking full advantage of the show’s PSN exclusivity to ramp up its adult themes. Since it’s being broadcast via PSN, Powers doesn’t have to adhere to any of the guidelines put in place by mainstream TV networks.

Aside from the blood and swearing, however, the new trailer also reveals one of the story’s central plot points: the introduction of a couple of drugs called Sway and Drainer that can boost or negate superpowers respectively. From the looks of the trailer, Sway seems to have the unfortunate side effect of turning some users into sirloin.

As with the previous trailer, this trailer is NSFW and definitely not kid friendly. Enjoy!

Source: GamesRadar

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