25th February 2024 9:36 am
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Emoji, meme and other popular technical terms get their place in the dictionary

Net neutrality, meme, emoji and photobomb are among a handful of technology-related words used in pop culture which received the Merriam-Webster stamp of approval as they’ve recently been added to the online dictionary.

Over 1 700 entries under other categories such as finance, nature and so on were also added to the Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary last week, while existing terms have been expanded by 700 new senses and 3 200 new examples to give broader context.

Most of the newly added words are nouns, while others, like NSFW (not safe for work) and WTF (what the f*%k) are abbreviations.

Here’s the list of all the featured technical words:

  • click fraud
  • net neutrality
  • click bait
  • emoji
  • meme
  • photobomb
  • NSFW

The last time the Merriam-Webster dictionary added popular technical terms was in May 2014 when tweep, selfie, hashtag and crowdfunding made their official debut.

[Source – Merriam-Webster blog, image – Oju]

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