26th February 2024 9:55 am
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5 alternatives to Apple News

At its WorldWide Developer’s Conference keynote earlier this month, Apple announced that it would be launching a News app along with iOS 9 as the new updated version of NewsStand.

At this point, the company is very late to the party as the market is already bombarded with so many similar app such as Flipboard and the like. So it certainly has its work cut out for it if it wants to really establish itself among the top brass.

Another factor that may be a stumbling block to News being a firm favourite, as one reported pointed out, is that it will push news to users, instead of letting them surf theough news sites themselves and choose what interests them.

Here are five existing app you may want to look at downloading in the meantime.



Feedly has been around for quite some time and is widely considered the go-to RSS feed source. Not only can you view and organise stories and news sources, but magazines, YouTube channels and blogs as well.

Probably what makes Feedly so likeable is that curating content is completely up to you, nothing is “pushed” to you, like with a handful of other RSS feed apps.

Google Play Newsstand


Google Play Newsstand, formerly known as Google Currents, gives you access to hundreds news articles, audio, video content from different publishers local and global sources under a variety of categories such as business, current affairs and entertainment.

The app has a simplistic interface that allows you to just swipe left and right to browse stories and categories and you’re able to view and bookmark articles for later reading and subscribe to feeds from your favourite sources.



Flipboard has a softer magazine-style feel to it and focuses on the visual aspect of the service more than most of its competitors. You can search for content using certain topics and keywords and organise them into your own new magazine board with stories and media from various sources or you can simply add an already existing board created by someone else.

As the name of the suggests, you flip pages on the app to navigate through it, making it easier to search and find content.




Chatfly combines instant messaging with news, shopping, entertainment.

The app lets you send “flyers” of anything interesting you may see to friends and family, be it a good deal at a retail store (which you can buy right from thee app), details about a restaurant you want to go to or a news bulletin you picked up on.

It’s ideal for sharing plans, ideas and schedules with one simple tap and without having to switch apps.


onboarding-devices-v3 (1) PKTBlog_4v2_iOSUpdate_0001_Option-2

Pocket is a great source that lets you save things while you’re on the move or busy and don’t have to time to read or view content so you can catch up on it later, even if you go offline.

Upgrading to the premium version gives a faster, better organised experience and you can have all your content backed up in a personal library.

[Main image – Feedly]

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