23rd February 2024 4:35 am
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Fly around GTA V in an Iron Man suit

Have you ever fancied soaring above around the vast map in Grand Theft Auto V in an Iron Man suit? Of course you have and now you can!

This is all thanks to GTA V modder JulioNB, as he’s made a mod for the hugely-popular title that will allow you to do just that.

“At this moment I’m creating Grand Theft Auto V mods, always with the max detail and quality possible for me. My most recent pop mod was Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook mod. At this moment I’m working in a Ironman script mod, next mod will be HULK probably,” he wrote on his Patreon funding page.

He added that the next mods he will be working on with include popular characters from Watch Dogs, The Flash, Superman and Spiderman.

According to Eurogamer, “Iron Man flies, hovers, punches cars, fires missiles – mostly everything you’d expect the movie version to do.”

Don’t believe us? Well, just check out the video below.

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