26th February 2024 10:13 am
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There is a Hulkbuster mod for GTA V

Late last month we told you about the really awesome Ironman suit mod that you can use to fly around the map of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V with. Now, its creator, JulioNIB, has gone one step further.

If Ironman was just a little bit too skinny to your liking, the Brazilian coder has modded Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit as well.

If you recall the last The Avengers film, you will remember that Tony Stark made the Hulkbuster suit so that he could battle The Hulk. Interestingly, that sequence in the movie was filmed in downtown Johannesburg.

“A mini Hulkbuster armor for GTA V PC (mini due to actual modding/my imagination limits). I recommend that you update your IronmanV script to v1.2 (links below) to have some cool new features for this armor,” JulioNIB said in a blog post.

If you don’t believe us in just how cool the modded Hulkbuster suit is, just check out the gameplay video below:

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