22nd February 2024 3:57 pm
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[WATCH] The flyby of Pluto from the perspective of New Horizons

About a month ago we wrote about the New Horizons space probe finally passing Pluto (the last celestial body in our solar system) after nine years of journeying.

While you were able to experience the event second-hand through a livestream on Youtube or Twitch, we feel like the best seats in the house weren’t at NASA, but rather on New Horizons itself.

Now that the probe has shot past it and is off exploring what lies beyond, it did send us back many hi res pictures of that special moment.

While pictures are great, what we’d love to see is a video, so we can get the feeling of breaking out of our little corner of the galaxy at 14 kilometres per second .

Thankfully, the NASA Youtube channel has come to the rescue. By stitching the images together and pulling off some clever editing tricks they’ve created an animation of exactly what New Horizons saw during the flyby. It’s beautiful.

As explained in the video description, you’ll be able to see the atmosphere glow in sunlight before the sun falls behind Pluto’s moon Charon. As New Horizons gets farther and farther away, the celestial bodies will only be viewable as crescents before they fade to black and a little chunk of metal from the little blue planet of Earth drifts out to explore the unimaginably huge galaxy. God speed little buddy.

[Via – Space io9]

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