25th February 2024 10:57 am
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Remote control your generator: Local IoT devs celebrated at Mind2Machine awards

Last night MTN’s Mind2Machine challange (M2M) wrapped up with an awards ceremony in Joburg, and we now know that the winners are Adroit Technologies for Award of the Year 2015 and Moses Joseph Mayimela as Breakthrough Developer of the Year.

The M2M challenge tasked entrants with making use of connected devices to create a machine-to-machine system that could benefit South Africa. The M2M challenge ties into MTN’s new internet of things (IoT) platform and it’s global data SIM card.

Adroit Technologies’ REMOTEWORX app is focused on monitoring generators from afar. The app can check the power and fuel levels as well as as any alarms on the generators.

Mayimela’s prototype monitoring system tracks goods being transported over long distances in refrigerated trucks. His system will give early warnings if the good begin to deteriorate and makes sure that they arrive in their intended conditions.

These two winners were joined on the night by four other companies and two other developers to form the top eight of the challenge.

These apps will most likely be developed for business uses, so seeing them out in the wild for us to use is very slim.

As MTN as titled this as “the inaugural Mind2Machine challenge”, there is a high chance for it to come around again, so, if you’re a developer, get planning for the next go around.

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