22nd February 2024 11:59 am
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Lian-Li is making a PC case that looks like a yacht

You may know Taiwanese case manufacturer Lian-Li for its beautiful – and extremely expensive – PC chassis that are made out of fine materials such as glass and aluminium. You may also know them as the crazy company that likes to make cases shaped like trains and spiders.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. No matter how many fancy lights and window panels manufacturers cram into their cases, few have matched the lunacy of Lian-Li and their creations.

Now enter their newest offering, the tamely-named PC-Y6 is a special edition case for 2016 that is modelled after a yacht.


PC-Y6 doesn’t sink when it comes to specs, as this is a fully-fledged “case”. Weighing in at a rather heavy 4.9 kilograms and made in your choice of silver or white aluminium, you’ll be able to fit a mini-ITX system in here with an SFX power supply and a graphics card up to 300 millimetres long.

To add some pizazz to your water craft/computer, it comes with an RGB LED lighting kit.

We couldn’t track down a price, but expect it to cost a few hundred dollars which will be even more by the time it gets to you in South Africa, and even more still if you pick up a used one after the limited production runs out.

Besides the price, the one question we really want answered is whether it floats or not.

Is it the Sydney Opera house? Is it a yacht? Is it a PC case?

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