23rd February 2024 5:09 am
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There’s an Iron Maiden game coming

Metalheads rejoice! Not only is your beloved Iron Maiden coming to South Africa later this year as part of its international tour, but the legendary quintet are about to star in another videogame.

“Another one?” we hear you cry. Yes indeed. Back in 1999 the band released a videogame called Ed Hunter, which accompanied the album of the same name. Developed for the PC, Ed Hunter saw the player follow the band’s mascot Eddie through several different levels based on the band’s previous album covers.

The new game, which will be called Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, is due out this winter on iOS and Android devices.  Like Ed Hunter, players will take on the role of Eddie and, according to a report on Eurogamer.net, Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast will be an action-packed RPG. Iron Maiden’s songs will feature on the soundtrack, naturally.

“We always thought Maiden’s music and imagery with Eddie could be perfect for gaming and it’s something we have been looking at doing again since Ed Hunter in 1999,” said bassist Steve Harris, who also happens to be overseeing the project.

“Now in 2016, it can all be done on a smartphone which makes it even more accessible for all our fans and also all the gamers out there.”

There’s no word on what the game will cost or whether it’ll contain in-app transactions. In the meantime since there’s no footage or artwork we can show you from the game, why not have a look at the video for the first single of the band’s new album, Speed Of Light, which pays homage to a ton of games itself.

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