25th February 2024 11:14 am
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Watch the new trailer for Hitman’s beta launch

The reboot of Io Interactive’s open-ended assassination sim, Hitman, is easily one of this year’s most anticipated titles.

There’s actually some debate (read: in-fighting) in the offices at hxt.africa over who will get to review it when the review code finally arrives. In the meantime, we have the open beta to look forward to, which drops on  on PS4 for this Friday. PC gamers are going to have to wait until February the 19th. Xbox One owners seem to be out of luck, unfortunately.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect:

If you want into the beta, you’re going to have to shell out some cash up front. Only players who have pre-ordered Hitman (either the retail or the Collector’s Edition) are guaranteed they’ll be allowed into the beta, which they can access via the PSN or Steam, depending on their platform.

According to Square Enix, the Hitman beta will feature a mission called ‘The Prologue’, Agent 47’s first ever contract killing that took place twenty years before the Paris Showstopper mission. It involves the story of how Diana Burnwood became Agent 47’s handler and it’s set in one of the International Contracting Agency’s (ICA) training facility. Essentially, the mission structure are set up to introduce players to the new game’s mechanics and setting.

If you’re not in the beta, you’ll have to wait until March 11th like the rest of us. We feel your pain.

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