25th February 2024 11:35 am
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US congressman allegedly spent R20K of campaign funds on Steam games

Ladies and gentlemen, meet congressman Duncan Hunter, a Republican U.S. representative who protested banning vaporisers on planes by using one during legislation.

If you don’t like the guy already, he’s being accused of using $1 302 (R19 724) worth of campaign money to buy games on Steam.

This rather large amount was for 68 purchases charged to Hunter’s campaign credit card. It took place in the time period of October 13th to December 16th 2015, so we hope he picked up some games on sale.

Now while this may sound dubious, it’s not exactly illegal. Looking at the “Federal Election Commission Campaign Guide” of June 2014, it does state that “using campaign funds for personal use is prohibited”, but, it can be tolerated under certain conditions and if the candidate who uses it reimburses the money.

And, looking at the charges in the campaign expense dug up by Kotaku, this is exactly what they’re listed as.


And that should be the end of it, but the story has a few more twists. Not only is Hunter claiming that his teenage son made all of the purchases without his knowledge, but he has not paid back the money as of yet.

He is now being questioned by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Hunter’s defence is that he’s waiting for Steam to reverse the charges before he makes the payments.

While we don’t pass judgement on anyone before, you know, a judge does (notice how many times we use the word “allegedly”) we’re not looking down on Hunter. Gaben knows we’ve been suckered into spending way too much money on sales, especially with the recent changes.

Here’s hoping everyone uses their own money when the sales come around again, or at least hides the credit card from their teenage children.

[Source – Zam]

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