23rd February 2024 4:24 am
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The Game of Thrones/Legend of Zelda mashup may ruin some childhood memories

We usually look at “mashups” as a kind of cheap gimmick to sell tat. But sometimes, something inspired and worth the effort comes along, and we get to marvel at a beautiful monster.

Today’s monster is the result of the unholy union of The Legend of Zelda and Game of Thrones.

Entitled “Game of Hyrule”, this live-action short film comes from YouTube channel Megasteakman. You may know the oddly-named channel for its gritty take on the Pokémon franchise with the short “Pokémon Apokélypse” video.

While Game of Hyrule is still sure to ruin some part of your childhood, it’s nowhere near as upsetting as that Pokémon video, but be warned regardless. This is definitely NSFW. 

You’ll need quite the working knowledge of both universes to fully understand what’s going on here, and even more if you want to catch all the references.

While this is a great production and somewhat satisfies our need for more Game of Thrones, we’re still patiently waiting for Season 6 to finally be released. It’s not long now, however, as it will be airing on the 24th of April (well, 3 AM on the 25th for us in South Africa).

If you’re reading this in the future, and you’re lucky enough to have already watched Season 6, please don’t spoil it for us. Or at least, don’t invent time travel and then spoil it for us. Thanks.


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