22nd February 2024 1:07 pm
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See how Game of Thrones’ latest epic battle was made

I have to confess that I have only seen one episode of Game of Thrones, so I’m not what you’d call a fan. If you are, tread carefully, because the following article will likely contain spoilers.

Did you watch the last episode of the hugely-popular television series’ sixth season? Well, if you did you’ll remember The Battle of Winterfell, which involved a lot of horses, screaming, running, sword-fighting, pike-poking and flying mud.

Oh, and a giant. There was a giant.


We also saw a tiny little smile appear on Sansa Stark’s face – which you might have missed, but it was definitely there. To get that hint of a smile, director David Benioff explains in the 10-minute video below that actress Sophie Turner’s scene was shot a good number of time in order to get the right footage.

According to CNet, in addition to commentary from everybody and their dog, the video also reveals how many horses were used and how much CGI went into creating what looked like gritty blood and fury.

“The video also reveals just how many horses were rounded up for the Battle of Winterfell, shows how a green screen created giant Wun Wun’s punch out of a horse, and displays Jon Snow actor Kit Harington’s impressive air-punching abilities,” CNet wrote.

Network HBO’s mega-popular series has consistently topped lists as being one of the most torrented series ever since it started six seasons ago. There is a reason for that: it’s one of the most watched shows ever.

While unauthorised copies will always be found online, HBO in May went after downloaders pretty hard for the current season.

The network has once again tapped anti-piracy partner IP Echelon to crack down on pirates, and it has apparently been sending out warnings to internet service providers (ISPs) if it suspects a user downloaded an episode illegally.

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