26th February 2024 10:30 am
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Be mesmerised by this 3D printed zoetrope

“Okay, what the hell is a zoetrope?” we hear you cry.

Well, it’s a cylindrical device that uses frames of animation in conjunction with light to create a moving scene. It’s pre-film technology that exists today as equal parts nostalgia and retro-novelty.

That said, Japanese artist Akinori Goto has created a fantastic zoetrope, and its 3D printed. Have a look at his work below:

Again, you may be asking, what the hell was that? What Goto did here was create a wireframe of a dancing ballerina that, instead of being flat, stretches out over multiple poses which create a circle. When a focused light is shone on the piece, it illuminates that frame of the animation. By rotating the entire frame, it gives the illusion of movement.

This creation was recently shown off at the  Spiral Independent Creators Festival where it won the runner-up ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘Audience’ awards. Well deserved indeed.

While the ballerina video above is relatively new, Goto has also published a  video of a zoetrope showing a man walking. While not as impressive visually, Goto does offer a good explanation on how it works. That’s helpful if you want to hit your favourite CAD programme and create your own to have 3D printed.

[Source – This Is Colossal]


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