26th February 2024 9:07 am
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John Cena has embraced his internet meme status

John Cena, the WWE wrestler, is about as much of a meme as he is a person.

The Unexpected John Cena / And His Name is John Cena meme has been going for years now, and the man himself has embraced it by pranking his fervent fans.

If you don’t spend all your time on the internet (please explain how you manage it), let’s get caught up on the phenom that is Cena.

Back in 2014 an audio clip from a radio station show was uploaded to Youtube. In it, the hosts prank call a woman under various guises. It always ends with a call to attend a WWE wrestling match featuring Cena:

The internet then adopted the prank, but with less obnoxiousness than the radio hosts (probably a first for the online community). The new prank was to create seemingly normal videos and end them with the theme song of the wrestler; an extremely loud announcer saying his name with horn music in the background.

The trick in it relies on the person being pranked not expecting Mr. Cena to pop up. Here’s an example:

The Cena meme became so popular (and so annoying) even Cena himself acknowledged it. On a talk show, he stated that he’d get into watching a video only to be irritated by his face popping up.

Now he’s taking a step further by appearing in a promotional ad where he pulls off the internet prank in real life. Complete with, get this, actual musician playing the horn instead of just music.

It’s beautiful.

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