22nd February 2024 4:40 pm
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Map Monday: Inside Cape Town’s informal settlements and their countless struggles

Did you know that there are 437 informal settlements in the City of Cape Town alone?

Of those settlements, 24% have been in existence since before 1994 and have seen little to no structural development, only 33% have permanent sanitary structures and the majority are high density areas where there’s an average of 340 households per settlement.

This is according an interactive map created by Code for South Africa (Code for SA) together with  Ndifuna Ukwazi, Social Justice Coalition and the International Budget Partnership, using data obtained from the City of Cape Town in 2015.

The map looks at a number of challenges faced by the City and residents in informal settlements, painting a picture of exactly how slow or fast government is working to improve residents’ lives.

Screenshot (248)

“We need an honest conversation about what is possible and effective budgets, policy and plans to tackle the constraints that do exist so that the City can provide progressive access to shelter and equitable services. We’ve made an interactive map that helps start this conversation,” Code for SA said.

Explore the map, along with its data and stories from of the informal settlement’s residents, here.

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