27th February 2024 5:52 pm
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PS4 Slim confirmed as legit

Tongues were set wagging yesterday when a listing on auction site Gumtree seemed to confirm that Sony is planning to release a sleeker, slimmer PS4 console.

The listing was soon removed but not before myriad reports about the device made their way onto lots of gaming and tech websites (including this one).

Gaming website Eurogamer.net took things a step further and sent Richard Leadbetter (from Digital Foundry) to visit an individual who claimed to have bought the console off Gumtree, in a bid to confirm whether it was real or not.

Turns out that the new PS4 Slim (which is what we’ll be calling it until Sony reveals its true title) is in fact a real console. Eurogamer even posted a video of the console booting up, which readers can watch below:

Here’s where things get a little funky. In an update to its original story, Eurogamer removed the video last night “upon legal advice”. Whether this means they were approached by Sony to remove the video, or the console was obtained by nefarious means and thus opening a legal can of worms for the site, remains anyone’s guess.

The upshot is interested parties can no longer see the video of the device booting up on Eurogamer.net and now have to rely on mirror videos like the one above. Well, until that’s taken down, which we think is quite likely to happen.

The PS4 Slim is more than likely to make an appearance at Sony’s showcase in New York next month, where hopefully a price tag and release date for the device will also be announced. Oh, and then there’s the small matter of Project Neo that’s been rumoured to appear next month too.

That is, if a Project Neo unit doesn’t pitch up on Gumtree first…

[Source: Eurogamer]


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