21st February 2024 4:37 am
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Uber is officially the most-used ride-hailing app

A fair number of ride-hailing apps have sprung up across the world over the last couple of years, but one app is definitely leading the pack.

Even though it’s faced more than its fair share of criticism and trouble, Uber has remained the most widely-used taxi-hailing app in 108 countries.

Analytics provider SimilarWeb set out to track the usage of the app in 171 countries on Android devices, and found that it vastly the most-used application.

From the map below, Uber is the most dominant player in North Africa, Europe and Africa. Russia doesn’t favour Uber too much, as the most used ride-hailing app there is Yandex Taxi.


On its home turf in the US, “Uber is installed on 21.3% of all Android devices. This is more than eight times that of its major competitor  Lyft (2.59% of all U.S Android devices) while Lyft in contrast  failed to dominate any countries,” wrote Travel Daily News.

According to Bloomberg, “the one region where Uber has struggled is Asia, where local operators have held ground.”

Uber’s chief executive officer Travis Kalanick last month said that he would be selling the Chinese operation to rival Didi.

Uber is also facing very stiff competition from Ola in India. in spite of the fact it invested a further $1billion in the country. Uber only reaches 10% of people in India, whereas Ola has an install base of over 20% on mobile phones.

In South Africa, though, Uber is by far the most prominent taxi app, facing mild competition from the likes of Zebra Cabs and Taxify.

The company also recently set out to find a “public policy senior associate” – essentially a lobbyist – preferably fluent in isiXhosa or isiZulu as well as English, to raise its profile and negotiate with government around public transport regulations. Put simply it’s looking for like-minded people to help convince government to relax regulations around who can operate public transport services.

[Source – Bloomberg, image – file]

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