25th February 2024 11:33 am
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How to make your own mini Scuttler from The LEGO Batman Movie

South African LEGO enthusiast Wayne de Beer is back with another free set of instructions, this time for the Scuttler from The LEGO Batman Movie.

If you have no idea what a “Scuttler” is, it’s the wingless bat-like robot seen in various scenes in the movie. There is an official set offered by LEGO themselves, 70908: The Scuttler. That 775 piece set is made to be in scale with minifigs, but it comes at a high price. You’ll be paying £85/$80/€80/R1 300 depending on where you live.

If that’s too rich for you, or you want a tiny rendition of it for your limited desk space, de Beer has you covered. Below you’ll find the parts list and instructions on Google Drive to make a micro Scuttler.

At 61 small, relatively cheap and common pieces, this version is much more cost effective.

This isn’t the first time de Beer has put out instructions for one of his builds. We recently featured his Tallneck robot dinosaur from the recent game Horizon Zero Dawn.

As a much bigger and more detailed build, the Tallneck caught the attention of both the game’s developers as well as LEGO enthusiast and famous game designer Hideo Kojima.

Edit: Here’s a picture of a completed Scuttler, if you wanted to see it in the brick instead of a render.

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