28th February 2024 4:33 am
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How to get free Pick n Pay Super Animals 2 scans

Local retailer Pick n Pay is once again running a campaign for Super Animals, in which shoppers can collect trading cards for every R150 they spend.

The 108 cards all focus on animals and it comes with a connected app that uses augmented reality (AR). To use the app you’ll need to find these cards and scan them. This is a daunting task as every R150 spend only nets you 4 random trading cards. You’ll need to be doing a lot of buying and trading to unlock every card in the app, or you can cheat a little.

As with last year this comes in the form of a companion collector’s album sold in stores for R20. Inside of the album there is a gallery of every single card in the range. Unfortunately, unlike like last year, these are not full images of the cards themselves, only thumbnails of the animal artwork.

In our testing the app will still recognise the thumbnails and grant you the scans and unlocks, but it’s very hit or miss. The scanning is erratic and leaves you only a brief second to tap a card to claim it, and some cards will just not be accepted.

We assume that this will vary from person to person and phone to phone, but we encourage you to try it out. Even if you can’t get all of the cards like you could last year, it will help fill gaps in your collection.

Click the images below to  zoom in because you’ll want the pictures to be as clear as possible.

As a final note, this campaign (referred to as Super Animals 2 or Super Animals 2017) does not work with any of the cards from last year. Only the ones being given out now will work with the new version of the app.


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