23rd February 2024 6:11 am
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All women gaming event locked and loaded for next week

Next Wednesday on 7th June, The Nexus (that beloved space for videogames, comics, table top gaming and lovely milkshakes) is offering a gaming event with a twist.

Hosted by Tech Girl, Sam Wright, and Acer, the event #AcerForGaming is an all-girl gaming event aimed at getting more women exposed to gaming and esports, and possibly identifying some upcoming female esports talents.

The idea behind the event is to break down the intimidation factor for potential new female players who are interested in gaming but haven’t given it a go yet. Furthermore, Sam Wright says that the #AcerForGaming gathering wants to chip away at the received wisdom that esports can only be a male-dominated space both locally and internationally.

“I’m really passionate about esports. I’m also passionate about gaming. I’m not a good gamer though. Never have been. I don’t naturally get the mechanics and I struggle in the beginning to figure it out,” said Wright.

“For a long time, I felt a little bit ashamed about that. I felt embarrassed to try my hand at a new game when people were around. Even if I really wanted to. I’m still not sure if that is because of the stereotypes that affect women who play games. The truth is, I’m sure there are stacks of guys who feel the exact same way but I think being a woman also plays a role.”

The event will offer a ton of games to play, experience rooms, a chance to kick back and relax with mates and, yes, those awesome milkshakes will be available too. Wright’s also roped in some of South Africa’s best known women gamers to help out, including TV producer and gamer Pippa Tshabalala, esports pro Shazz, Critical Hit’s Zoe Hawkins and Twitch streamer Bish who also happens to be the captain of the all-female eNergy Esports.

Cool people, games, milkshakes, comics and more games – what more could you want?

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