22nd February 2024 2:24 pm
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Instructions to build your own LEGO Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn

German student Marius Herrmann has been in the news a lot in the past few months for his impressive LEGO creations.

He started off recreating the Titans from Titanfall 2 and then the robot T-Rex Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to copy Herrmann’s builds and make one for yourself, you were out of luck. Herrmann was hesistant to create any instructions, and the builds were far too large and costly to reproduce for most people. His original Thunderjaw was especially huge, requiring thousands of pieces.

But now we have a compromise in this miniature version of the Thunderjaw that requires around 308 parts (by our count) which are all small and relatively cheap.

You can find the instructions as well as the parts list embedded below, or in this Google Drive.

To get yourself the required pieces we suggest the Pick a Brick service if it is offered in your country, and the Bricklink marketplace if it isn’t.

If you took a quick look at the instructions you may notice another name credited: Wayne de Beer. This is another LEGO fan who we’ve featured on the site, and with a great deal of national pride, if we may add.

de Beer is from South Africa and he made waves internationally with his LEGO build of the Tallneck, also from Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only was this picked up by the game’s developers, but famous game designer Hideo Kojima himself built one.

A few months back Herrmann got in touch with us seeking advice with creating instructions for his build, and we put him in contact with de Beer. Now the whole world has little robot dinosaurs thanks to that partnership.


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