25th February 2024 11:33 am
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Doomfist’s Gauntlet has already been recreated in LEGO

The newest Overwatch hero, Doomfist, was finally unveiled last week after a long period of hype and speculation. And now it’s been turned into a LEGO creation.

The popular YouTube channel ZaziNombies is to thank, of course, after it has given the LEGO treatment to so many Overwatch weapons in the past. This gauntlet actually marks the seventeenth creation from the game. You can check out this playlist to see all of those builds.

This plastic version of the gauntlet uses 2 200 bricks and measures in at 51 centimetres long. Copious use of gold chrome-plated pieces gives it the required look and 800 ball joint pieces gives it the circular shape, as well as providing articulation to the fingers.

For a bit of extra details there’s a few stickers from the LEGO line called Chima which has since been discontinued.

Finally, to complete the Doomfist look, there’s also a small pauldron and the handcannon on the none-gauntlet hand.

We’re not only really impressed with this build, but the speed that it was done. The first video finally showing Doomfist off was uploaded on 6th July, and the LEGO video above was only three days later.

What we’re really waiting for now is a 3D print of the gauntlet, which we’re sure someone is already working on. It will join our huge list of 3D printable props when it’s released.


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