23rd February 2024 12:43 pm
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The Snapchat Dancing Hotdog is now a 3D print you can buy

It may be winding down now, but the internet lost its mind for a short while after a Snapchat filter was introduced that added a Dancing Hotdog to users’ screens.

Now the joke has taken another step further as maker Jon Cleaver has turned it into a 3D print.

This miniature is made up of multiple pieces that can be slotted together, and you can even assemble it without the bun if you prefer. Even if you print in multiple colours, you will need to spend some time painting details such as the condiment streaks and the head detailing.

You can find the files to make your own on MyMiniFactory. Alternatively, Cleaver is selling finished models on his Etsy store. $20.67 buys you an unpainted version, and $28.94 nets you the hand painted model as seen in the gallery below.

If Snapchat is not your thing, Cleaver has made some great prints in the past that you should check out. A Pokémon Go “aimer” phone caseCovfefe itself and, most recently, Pickle Rick.

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