25th February 2024 10:14 am
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A look at the Pokémon DVD board game from 2007

YouTube content creator TheJWittz has unearthed a strange board game from the Pokémon franchise which relies on a DVD for some of the game’s logic.

This game – known as Champion island – apparently came out in 2007 and can accommodate up to four players.

While we can remember VCR games being “a thing” at some point, those which use video and menu options from a DVD must have went over our heads.

Check out the video below to see how the game plays, the ridiculous RNG mechanics, and the struggle of getting 2007-era tech to work nowadays.

Despite the random nature of Champion island and its apparent disregard for the actual rules of Pokémon, we’d still love to give it a shot with some friends.

If you live in the US or have a way to reliably import items from there, the game is easy to find on Ebay at reasonable prices.

You may have heard several mentions of previous board games named “Master Trainer” in the video above. These were earlier games based on the franchise that didn’t depend on a DVD.

TheJWittz has covered two of these in previous videos. We suggest starting with the first one embedded below, and then watching the follow-up, and third instalments.


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