25th February 2024 11:41 am
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The Filthy Frank YouTube channel expands with a book release

In a bizarre turn of events George Miller AKA Joji AKA Filthy Frank has released a book appropriately entitled “Francis of the Filth”.

We don’t have enough hours in the day to explain why this is so weird, but the short story is that Miller started and continues to run a channel called Filthy Frank which is also the name of the main character he created for it.

Each video is a different, surrealist ride with each subsequent upload aiming to outdo the other with shock humour and general strangeness.

Tying many of the videos together are recurring (but very threadbare) characters and story lines collectively known as the lore of the Filthy Frank fiction.

If you need a taste just watch the video announcing the book below. It will explain everything and nothing.

The book is available through iTunes and Amazon with the latter offering physical copies in both hardcover and softback.

We had a quick read of the available pages on Amazon and it appears to focus on the previously mentioned lore. One hundred customers have already left reviews with a whopping 93% giving it five out of five stars.

Right now it’s ranked number two in both the overall books listings on Amazon, and its “Science Fiction & Fantasy” category.

We’re still not entirely sure if this is an elaborate joke from Miller, as would be expected, so we’re just going to have to buy a copy and return to the subject.

The concept of YouTube content creators writing books is far from new, with many of the stars from the platform signing book deals or self-publishing either to cater to their fans or create new ones on a different platform. Miller’s book is definitely in the former category as his fans have always been especially fond of the lore.


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