23rd February 2024 4:28 am
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Wikileaks shares entire text of controversial Donald Trump biography

If you have one eye (or both of them) on US politics, you’ll know that a brand new book is causing some consternation in Trump’s White House.

Fire And Fury: Inside Trump’s White House by Michael Wolff has been making headlines for the last couple of weeks, while the White House has been dismissing its contents as a pack of lies.

To say Trump and his administration don’t come across in the book very well is something of an understatement. Alongside comparing the US president to a child who is constantly in need of instant affirmation, Wolff’s book reports that former chief strategist Steve Bannon called Trump’s daughter Ivanka “dumb as a brick” and branded Trump Jnr’s meeting with Russian advocates in 2016 “treasonous”.

As pipe-bomb books go, Fire And Fury is up there with Jaques Pauw’s The President’s Keepers. Unfortunately, Fire And Fury is currently unavailable in South Africa, but if you wanted to check it out, Wikileaks has dumped the whole text in PDF format online.

We’re not going to post a link to the dump because we at htxt believe that writers should get paid for their work. However, we have to wonder what the motivations behind Wikileaks’s actions are. After all, the site was pretty instrumental in giving Trump a push in the 2016 elections with its revelations about the Hilary Clinton emails.

Hopefully, the book will be available soon, although speaking personally, we can’t really see the point of buying it. Is there anything it’ll tell readers they can’t already work out about Trump by simply reading his twitter account?

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