23rd February 2024 5:30 am
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Game of Thrones Catspaw dagger: 3D printed plastic & not Valyrian steel

While we may be bereft of new Game of Thrones to watch, that has not stopped the maker community from turning yet another part of the show into a 3D print.

While we have seen the Catspaw dagger before, maker Tom Suggitt has created the first version we’ve seen that’s been both printed and painted, albeit without the red jewel in the middle.

Suggitt tells us that modelling took between 6 and 12 hours in SolidWorks before it went to the printer. To make the version you see in the gallery below – a 49 centimetre dagger – it took just under six hours.

From here a coat of primer was added before gold was painted on followed by the black, textured grips. We have the rare opportunity to see what the print looked like before paint today.

You may also notice that both the blade and handle are sliced into smaller parts, something you may need to do too if your printer bed isn’t big enough. Just remember to add some filler and do a lot of extra sanding to hide the seams.

Before that, though, you’ll need the files which are available for free from MyMiniFactory. Luckily that missing jewel is a separate print, so you can replace it with something convincing from the hobby store if you’d prefer not to paint it.

If daggers aren’t your thing, there’s other Game of Thrones prints out there. Arya’s Stark’s sword Needle, her father’s great sword Ice, and even a curved Arakh are all available.

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