22nd February 2024 12:43 pm
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Don’t Starve and Firewatch head to the Nintendo Switch

Two more games released before the advent of the Nintendo Switch are receiving ports for the console, with both announcements dropping yesterday.

Firewatch was revealed with a simple tweet from developers Campo Santo, along with a suitable image and a link to their site’s Switch section.

There’s no price, release date or listing on the eShop right now, but you can leave your email in the link above to be alerted when they’re live.

Don’t Starve received a bit more fanfare in a trailer hosted on the official Nintendo channel.

The cinematic shows a quick look at the interface, which we hope uses the touchscreen to make players’ lives a bit easier.

You won’t be waiting long at all to play Don’t Starve on the go, as it will release in less than a week on 12th April.

While there isn’t a listing on the local eShop as of yet, some outlets are reporting that it’s appeared on the North American store with a $19.99 pricetag.

We’re hopeful, as ever, that the local price is fair and there isn’t too much of that premium Switch tax that many ports have had tacked on.

With two more ports in the library the Nintendo Switch is becoming better and better for those who want to play their favourite games on the go, or Nintendo diehards that missed numerous quality titles during the Wii U era.

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