23rd February 2024 5:31 am
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Gear Of The Year 2017 – The top Cellular Service Providers

Cellular Service Providers are an absolute necessity for consumers in 2018.

With smartphones, tablets and portable mobile internet devices being used daily, the need for affordable, stable mobile connections have increased tremendously. Users aren’t exactly spoilt for choice in South Africa but, according to our readers, the competition’s quite fierce.

Vodacom (37%)

Vodacom retains its top spot as the mobile service provider of choice. While this might come as a surprise to some, the network does have substantial network coverage in South Africa.

This gives Vodacom the edge over their competition. Consumers value quality service and don’t want to be left stranded with 0 signal bars in the middle of nowhere after all.

While Vodacom might be on the pricier side of things, users can take advantage of a number of contract deals that may entice them to join the cellular service provider. In our survey, 37% of respondents chose Vodacom as their network of choice.

Telkom (29.7%)

Telkom’s securing of 29.7% of the consumer vote shows us that the company’s mobile network is indeed doing something right. Telkom’s clever marketing strategies, attractive deals and their actual coverage footprint has established a strong position for them in the hearts of consumers.

The fact that consumers can opt into bundled deals which tie into their home internet services al so plays an important role in securing Telkom’s position in the vote.

Telkom offers a range of mobile packages that include devices such as laptops, p

hones, MiFi routers and more. These packages are surprisingly affordable and even high end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 are well priced in their contract deals. If the company keeps this up, we may end up seeing them pull the rug out from under Vodacom’s feet within the next year.

MTN (23.45%)

Having dropped down to third place with 23.45% of the consumer vote, MTN has had a rough time in the eyes of the public.

Contrary to popular belief though, the company has recently been awarded the title of “best in test” in an Independent benchmarking certification test by P3 Communications, a German telecommunications consultancy company. Like it or not, the yellow giant still holds a significant portion of the consumer market.

Cell C (8.4%)

While not featuring in the top 3 of the consumer vote, Cell C is the most in tune with customer’s needs in my opinion. The company’s “Megabonus” prepaid tariff plan, effectively tripling the amount of value you receive with each recharge, is tough to beat.

The network has also launched “black”, a subscription streaming service that offers both international and local television content at an affordable rate. Cell C’s customer support is also extremely responsive on twitter and over the past year, their network’s reliability has consistently improved. In the consumer vote, Cell C obtained 8.4% placing it 4th overall but it still gets my vote in the end

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