22nd February 2024 1:57 pm
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A 3D printed capsule for your Mega Man X figures

With the Mega Man X Legacy Collections coming out soon, the maker community has returned to the games to make something interesting.

Christian Corpi has created this 3D print of the upgrade capsule, as it appears in Mega Man X.

Modelled in Rhino, Corpi tells us that he used video tutorials to teach himself the software, and created this over the course of a weekend.

The print itself consists of two pieces joined together by a clear plastic cylinder. Printing took around 10 hours, with four dedicated to the base and six for the more complex top part.

The version you see on this page is 17 centimetres tall, but this will vary depending on what kind of cylinder you decide to use.

It may be easier to first find a suitable cylinder and then scale your prints to match it. You’ll also want to get something big enough to fit a figure inside, if you decide to use it as a display.

After some light sanding, painting was done with both spray paint and brushes. Corpi wanted to experiment with this by using no primer, but suggests that a base primer coat is truly the way to go with this.

Inside of the capsule you’ll see a low poly version of X pulled from Maverick Hunter X on PSP. You can, of course, use any Mega Man you want, printed or otherwise.

The files for the capsule are available for free on Thingiverse and it even has spaces set aside for installing lighting.

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